About Johhny Pickleball

Johnny Pickleball was born to marry the best sport in the world with style. Simply put, as we discovered this great game and the awesome pickleball community, we found that stylish pickleball specific apparel was almost non-existent. Still today there is a lack of style but also a lack of apparel specifically designed for higher performance on the court. Johnny Pickleball is here to change this!

If you think about it, the impact of individual styles in other sports have had a tremendous impact on the growth of those games. Tiger Wood's Sunday red, Wayne Gretzky's side tucked jersey, and Michael Jordan's shoes, are all great examples of this. Why not provide pickleball players the ability to create their own style with pickleball specific apparel designed to improve performance. 

Johnny Pickleball is a family owned business based out of Grand Rapids, MI. Owned by pickleball players and created to bring more style to the pickleball community, Johnny Pickleball continues to add new looks and new product categories.

We would love to hear from you and get your feedback. Follow us on social media. Thank you for your business and support in helping us achieve our mission!



I've come to love pickle ball in the past few years and could never find any good apparel, until Johnny Pickleball. Love the design and feel of every item!

Los Angeles, CA

I bought my husband a hat and a tee! He absolutely loves them both and wears them every time he goes out to play pickle ball.

Detroit, MI

I am retired, and I play pickleball a few times a week. I am so happy I came across this brand; everyone is always asking where I got all my items.

Villages, FL